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Our DNA is to bring handpicked quality wines from real Winemakers to the wine lovers. Meaning, that we ́re keep on bringing the traditional handcrafted winemaking as has been leaned by generations after generations to the market, by building bridge between the soil and the vines to the table and the glass.

We’re only sourcing the best quality wines from wine families from all over the world, as we have learned to know by more than 35 years of experience as buyers in the global wine trade. Our vision is in brutal fact, to protect the wine families by helping battle the factory wines! We do it by our selective quality standard as we call “Wine with GPS” In our looking for the very best Winemakers cross the world, we search only by the following criterial:

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My – Mr. Kenneth Frøslev – career has been devoted to quality wine!
My deep interest for the craft and the trade came early, and I’m one of the few who has
the official Wine Master education “from back then…” Despite the fact, that I’m still only 57 years – young.

I’ve been working on all levels of the business – from Store manager to Sales manager, and from importer and international trader to consultant for both wine brokers, wine companies and strategic partners, like e.g., Diners Club International on their wine sales strategy.

My expertise, passion and professionalism within wine has brought me all over the world, and apart my frequent appearance in public media, I’m also a sought-after speaker at seminars and conventions.
From 2022 I “got home” as independently wine trader and consultant, where I ́m using all my expertise and strong relations to the real wine makers all over the world, to give wine lovers an amazing experience in the glass. Because it’s all what matters, when it comes to wine… The greatest experience in the glass!
My main focus is – as it has been from day from it all started for real 35+ years – to bring the “Rising Star Signature Wines” from real craftsmen to you; The Wine Lovers!
This of course hand-in-hand with my huge international network of wine families and other partners in the wine industry from all over the wine-world…

So with me comes also my international network of winemakers and distributors,
together creating the bridgebuilding between the winemakers and the wine lovers…

Looking very much forward hearing from you!

Wine With GPS
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